Connect your Garmin account to Athlete Analyzer

Learn how to connect your Garmin account with Athlete Analyzer.
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Updated 7 months ago

All athletes can connect their Garmin account with Athlete Analyzer. Connecting with Garmin has many benefits. All your recorded training sessions from for example your Garmin watch will be imported to your training calendar in Athlete Analyzer. Detailed insight such as your heart rate during sessions will also be available to you and your coaches. Just put your Garmin gear on and let the tech work for you. 

1. Go to "My Profile"

  1. Go to "My Profile"
  2. Click on "Garmin & Polar"

2. Click on "Connect to Garmin"

3. Login on to your Garmin Account

Login to your Garmin account and allow Athlete Analyzer to access your data.

 PLEASE NOTE: Only Garmin session from after you have connected will be imported to Athlete Analyzer. 

4. View your Garmin data

Go to your Calendar and click on a session with the Garmin icon. Click on "View More" to see data from Garmin.

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